What is Shugido?|渋谷、目黒の整体なら手技道へ | あなたの健康と美を手助けします

What is Shugido?

What is Shugido?
Shu (手) means a hand,Gi(技) means skill and *Do(道) means way.

*pronounced as Dou.

What is Shugido?

Shugido has been developed by Shugidoist Tsutomu Muramatsu who is known as Master Tom.
He was the most skillful acupuncturist in Tokyo in his 30’s. Then he learned other methods as well as Western medicine. Throughout his various experiences, Tom realized that the fascia is the central mediator for nerve system.
He created Shugido based on his extensive knowledge and experiences accumulated in his life.

The purpose of Shugido is to bring back your health to its intended original natural state that has been affected quite often by your daily habits/behavior and today’s environment.

Our skillful hands manipulate the fascia, periosteum, and skeletal systems of patients.
They treat as well the internal organs system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the nervous system and mental issues.
Shugido is recognized as a newly integrated medicine in Japan.

What is Shugido?

Our daily body movements are very connected to our muscle coordination. Once the coordination is jammed, it will cause some negative effects, not just on the surface level, but on an internal level as well.

Shugido treats those malfunctions through the fascia, periosteum, and skeletal systems that are related to the trouble spots directly or indirectly. Thorough this therapy, our practitioners are able to deliver an unexpected result.

With this process, you may feel painful during a session. In reality, Shugido utilizes this pain by fully capitalizing on the pain system to let the brain of a patient recognizes the root cause, and the spots that have to be cured.

Feeling pain is our defense mechanism. However, it is not just to defend your body, but it activities our natural healing process to work on curing the root cause of the problems. In this thoery, Shugido uses this controlled pain as a device to send messages to the brain to alter any unhealthy condition to a healthy condition that is supposed to be.

What is Shugido?

We devised a nomenclature called “原遺障害” which is pronounced as “Gen-i- shogai” to analyze the fundamental cause of diseases.
“Gen” means the original cause, “i” means heritage and “shogai” means problems. The treatment of Shugido is not healing the current condition, but also will work on potential symptoms by looking deeply into “Gen-i-shogai,” the “heritage of the original cause.” Today’s medical diagnosis, however, sees the “current effect” as a cause of diseases. This is the unique approach of Shugido to treat the problems

Western medicine tries to explain why you are sick or have pain; it usually gives the answer of how you feel pain, but not why. Gen-i-shogai deals with why you are sick or have pain. In some cases we analyze the symptom by even going back to the moment of your birth time.

What is Shugido?

Also, we devised the word of “原遺効果”, called “Gen-i-kouka”, the opposite word of Gen-i-shogai. “Kouka” means effect. So, “Gen-i-kouka” means “the heritage of original effect.” It means that effects gained from our Shugido treatments remain in the patient, which will work positively to heal your body after the therapy as well.

The Cerebral limbic system and the Cerebral cortex remember in our brain remember all of our negative causes. We believe that these areas in our brain could be our gate to subconscious memory to find out the root cause of the problems.

In our daily lives, however, our brain, gets accustomed to abnormalities and pains in our body. Our treatment sends correct signals to awaken our brain to re-recognize the problems to cure the fundamental cause. Shugido assists the whole process to lead your body to recognize the root cause of problems and lets our body regain our original healthy condition.

Rates 料金

What is Shugido?

one session per 50min:
Founder of Shugido Healing55000Yen/Senior Disciples 22000Yen
Initial Visit Fee3000Yen

Office Hours 営業日

Monday to Saturday 月曜から土曜日 Open at national holydays
09:00~20:00(Last session starts at 19:00)
Holyday Sunday

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Aobadai Heights 1F 4-4-26 Aobadai
Meguro-ku, Tokyo Japan

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